Request Estimate

We are aware of several individuals offering prices through the phone, which we find somewhat risky. Our line of work deals with customs services and undergoes tremendous alterations from one site to another, so we prefer before talking about the cost to make an on-site evaluation of the area where the installation will be made to ensure that we are able to deliver a service as our clients expectation. Don’t worry, our evaluation and estimate visit is totally free and you have no obligation to hire us, but if you hire us, we guarantee your satisfaction with the results of our work.

Step 1

Call us or fill out our estimate form to schedule our visit when convenient for you to evaluate the site and write the estimate.

Step 2

After analyzing our proposal and being in agreement with our terms and prices, and signing the contract, we scheduled the installation.

Step 3

The installation day, we remove the furniture in the case of occupied residence, and protect items and areas not included in the renovation project. Only then, we start the installation.

Step 4

Once the installation is completed, we apply three layers of polyurethane, once the floor is cured (we recommend 4 days), we return and put the furniture back.